Java Decompiler Package

We’re excited to release the Java Decompiler package for all licenses of Cerbero Suite: this package is capable of decompiling Java Class files from their bytecode back to Java.

Once you have installed the package, you can access the decompiler from the bytecode view.

The bytecode view and the decompiler are accessible not only within Java Class files but also within JAR files.

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YARA Rules Package

We are proud to announce the release of the YARA Rules package for all licenses of Cerbero Suite!

This package is designed to be the ultimate toolkit for downloading, scanning with, creating, editing, and testing YARA rules.

YARA, an essential tool in the fight against malware, allows for the creation of descriptions to match patterns across various file types. Recognizing the importance of YARA in digital forensics and malware analysis, we have developed a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance the YARA rule management process.

The YARA Rules package for Cerbero Suite includes an array of features aimed at streamlining the workflow associated with YARA rules. Whether you’re downloading rules from public repositories, scanning files for matches, creating rules tailored to the latest malware threats, editing existing rules to improve accuracy, or rigorously testing rules to ensure effectiveness, this package has everything you need.

Our goal is to provide Cerbero Suite users with a powerful, efficient, and user-friendly set of tools that empowers them to use YARA rules more effectively than ever before. Whether you are a seasoned malware analyst or just starting out in the field of cybersecurity, the YARA Rules package is designed to enhance your analysis capabilities and streamline your workflows.

We invite you in this blog post to explore the full potential of the YARA Rules package and discover how it can enhance your malware analysis and forensic investigations.

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DotNET ManifestResources Format Package

We have released the DotNET ManifestResources Format package for all licenses of Cerbero Suite.

.NET manifest resources are embedded elements within .NET assemblies, used to store additional data such as files, icons, and strings that an application requires for execution. These resources are directly compiled into the executable, becoming a part of the application’s core assets. In the realm of malware, attackers frequently exploit .NET manifest resources to hide malicious payloads. Cerbero Suite lets you inspect the format of .NET manifest resources and automatically detects embedded files.

FLIR Format Package

We released the FLIR Format package for all licenses of Cerbero Suite.

FLIR (Forward-Looking InfraRed) refers to thermal imaging data that is embedded within the JPEG file format. Unlike standard visual imagery, FLIR data represents heat emissions from objects, providing a thermal spectrum view that is invaluable for various applications, from surveillance and security to energy audits and search and rescue operations. When FLIR data is embedded in JPEG images, it allows the combination of visible light information with thermal imaging in a single file.

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OneNote Format 2.0 Package

We have released version 2 of the OneNote Format package. This latest version introduces numerous enhancements and expands the scope of information extraction capabilities.

In this update, we’ve focused particularly on improving the utility for forensic analysis, ensuring that you can extract more detailed information from OneNote documents.

Py2Exe Extractor Package

We have released the Py2Exe Extractor package for all licenses of Cerbero Suite.

py2exe is a Python package that converts Python scripts into executable Windows programs. The tool packages Python bytecode and the necessary libraries into a single executable file, eliminating the need for a Python interpreter to be installed on the client machine. py2exe works by analyzing the imported modules in the Python script and includes them along with a Python interpreter as a part of the generated executable.

The extractor supports all versions of py2exe and automatically identifies py2exe generated executables.

PyInstaller Extractor Package

We have released the PyInstaller Extractor package for all licenses of Cerbero Suite.

PyInstaller is a tool that packages Python applications into standalone executables, compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. It works by analyzing Python scripts to discover every import statement and include the appropriate Python files, binaries, and libraries in the executable. Additionally, PyInstaller converts all Python code into bytecode before packaging, enhancing performance and security.

The extractor supports all versions of PyInstaller, all supported file types and automatically identifies PyInstaller generated binaries. It also supports PyInstaller bytecode decryption.

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