AR Format Package

We have released the AR Format package for all licenses of Cerbero Suite.

The AR archive format, originally devised for Unix systems, serves as a straightforward file archiving tool, combining multiple files into a single archive without inherent compression. It’s primarily used in Unix-like environments for storing static libraries (‘.a’ files), and is also a key component in the structure of DEB packages for Debian-based Linux distributions. Furthermore, the AR format finds its application in the Windows operating system as well, where it is used for ‘.lib’ files.

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RegHive Format Package

We have released the RegHive Format package for all licenses of Cerbero Suite.

This package offers enhanced functionality for exploring Windows Registry hives. It enables detailed inspection of keys and values, and importantly, provides additional insights by displaying the last modification date and time for each key. Moreover, it includes the ability to view security access details for each key, offering a comprehensive overview of the Registry’s structure and access controls.

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DSStore Format Package

We have released the DSStore Format package for all licenses of Cerbero Suite.

In Apple macOS, .DS_Store is a file that stores custom attributes of its containing folder, such as folder view options, icon positions, and other visual information. It is created and maintained by the Finder application in every folder and contains information that can be valuable for forensics purposes, such as file names and timestamps.

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Extreme PowerShell Obfuscation

We recently stumbled upon an old article by Daisuke Mutaguchi explaining an extreme technique for PowerShell obfuscation. The article is in Japanese, so you may have to use Google translate.

Here’s the final example provided by the author of the article:


Yes, this is valid PowerShell.

Although there are limits to static deobfuscation, we decided to see what can be done about this with the new release of our PowerShell Beautifier package.

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CRX Format Package

We have released the “CRX Format” package for all licenses of Cerbero Suite Standard and Advanced. This package provides support for the Chrome extension format.

The package also allows to download Chrome extensions by their public URL.

Chrome extensions can be downloaded either from the main window or from the analysis workspace action.

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