RedLine Stealer Dropper

An interesting sample containing a number of different obfuscation techniques. In this article we analyze the dropper in detail and reach the final stage.

SHA256: 0B93B5287841CEF2C6B2F2C3221C59FFD61BF772CD0D8B2BDAB9DADEB570C7A6

The first file we encounter is a OneNote document. If the “OneNote Format” package is installed, all files are automatically extracted.

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Video: Blitz 45 Seconds OneNote Malware Analysis

The malicious OneNote sample analyzed in this video contains an executable. The executable contains a CAB archive in a resource entry. The CAB archive contains a VBS script which can directly be inspected in Cerbero Suite.

SHA256: F408EF3FA89546483BA63F58BE3F27A98795655EB4B9B6217CBE302A5BA9D5F7