Obfuscated Batch Scripts in OneNote Document

This malicious OneNote document contains two obfuscated batch scripts and we’ll be using our commercial Simple Batch Emulator package to understand what they do.

SHA256: 46149F56028829246628FFAFC58DF81A4B0FF1C87ED6466492E25AD2F23C0A13

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RedLine Stealer Dropper

An interesting sample containing a number of different obfuscation techniques. In this article we analyze the dropper in detail and reach the final stage.

SHA256: 0B93B5287841CEF2C6B2F2C3221C59FFD61BF772CD0D8B2BDAB9DADEB570C7A6

The first file we encounter is a OneNote document. If the “OneNote Format” package is installed, all files are automatically extracted.

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Simple Batch Emulator Package

To help in the analysis of malware which uses Windows batch scripts we just released a package on Cerbero Store called “Simple Batch Emulator”. The name of the package is self-explanatory as it provides a basic emulator for batch scripts. The package is available to all commercial licenses of Cerbero Suite Advanced.

The following is a malicious OneNote document. All embedded files are automatically extracted thanks to the “OneNote Format” package.

Two of the embedded files are batch scripts. We can execute the action to emulate the obfuscated batch code.

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