Cerbero Suite 4.4 is out!

This time it took a bit longer for the release as we’re undergoing some organizational changes, but we’ll make up for it in the upcoming months!

This is the list of news for version 4.4:

added Excel macro decompiler
added word highlighting to text editor
added password brute-forcers
+ improved C++ support in the decompiler
+ improved disassembly view
– improved detection of Excel malware

Excel Macro Decompiler

The major news of this release is the addition of a decompiler for Excel macros. We’ll continue to build and improve upon this feature in the upcoming releases!

C++ Decompiler Improvements

We have improved C++ support in the decompiler. A small improvement makes the code much easier to read!

Text Editor: Word Highlighting

Cerbero Suite now provides the word highlighting feature available in the disassembly/decompiler also in the text editor. This makes the analysis of VBA macros, JavaScript and other managed languages much easier.

Password Brute-Forcers

“infected” is such an ubiquitous password for sharing Zip archives containing malware that starting with this release you don’t even have to enter it when opening a file.

We’ve also added optional common passwords dictionary-based brute-forcers as a bonus. You can activate them from the extensions page.

More is coming soon…

Happy hacking!

2 thoughts on “Cerbero Suite 4.4 is out!”

  1. nice 🙂 i am using full trial for now (what are the limitation for non-commercial use? 30 days) but i have a problem with GHIDRA native api integration (it may be connected with fact that i am using newer version) – is it possible to get some troubleshooting or its reserved for full version user?

    1. Hello Marcin,
      30 days, yes. 🙂
      If you have a problem, please contact us at support@cerbero.io. It should be working correctly even as trial. Let us know which version of Cerbero Suite and Ghidra you are using and what kind of bug you’re experiencing.
      King regards

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