Cerbero Suite 6.2 and Cerbero Engine 3.2 are out!

We recently released three commercial packages: OneNote Format, Simple Batch Emulator and PowerShell Beautifier.

In this release we moved a number of features to optional packages so that we can more rapidly update them. Cerbero Store now has the following additional packages:

– JavaScript Beautifier (all licenses)
– EML Format (all advanced licenses)
– Torrent Format (all advanced licenses)
– ShellcodeToExecutable (all advanced licenses)
– Tor Downloader (all advanced licenses)
– Python Snippets (all licenses)

We have also reached another important milestone in the SDK documentation process, as it now features the complete guide on how to create plugins and extensions for Cerbero Suite and Cerbero Engine.

We also improved syntax highlighting and fixed various bugs.

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