Cerbero Suite 7.5 Release

We’re excited to unveil Cerbero Suite 7.5 and Cerbero Engine 4.5!

This release brings many improvements and UI polish, but most importantly, it introduces the Cerbero Suite User Manual.

The manual is designed to help both new users and seasoned analysts understand and leverage the suite’s extensive features, from rapid triage of threats to detailed dissections of suspect files.

In the rest of this post, we’ll explore other important improvements of this release.

Tested on macOS M-Series

While the macOS version of Cerbero Suite is still built for x64, we have tested it on the macOS M-Series.

This is the native UI for Ghidra running on the macOS M-Series with the latest version of Ghidra.

Carbon Lists Text Filters

We have introduced text filters for all Carbon list dialogs. This will make it easier to quickly locate places of interest in the disassembly.

Ghidra Lists Text Filters

Similarly, we have added text filters to all lists in the native UI for Ghidra.

Structures Documentation

We have documented structures on our SDK page.

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