Certificates Support

In the upcoming 5.5 version of Cerbero Suite and the 2.5 version of Cerbero Engine we support certificate formats. While Cerbero Suite already lets you inspect certificates inside binaries, now it can load them directly from disk and also lets you inspect each individual ASN1 object.

Both DER and PEM encodings for certificates are supported.

You can inspect all types of certificates, including X509, PKCS7 and PKCS12.

We have also exposed the code to our Python SDK in order to make the programmatic parsing of certificates a simple task.

For example, enumerating every ASN1 object in a certificate takes just a few lines of code:

from Pro.Core import *
from Pro.Certificates import *

def main():
    obj = proCoreContext().currentScanProvider().getObject()
    class Visitor(DERObjectVisitor):
        def Visit(self, obj, oi):
            print(oi.offset, oi.content_size)
            return 0
    v = Visitor()


We’ll be fully documenting the Pro.Certificates module this year.

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