Common Passwords Package

We moved our built-in password brute-forcers to an external package on Cerbero Store called “Common Passwords”. The upcoming version 5.4 Cerbero Suite Advanced (both commercial and non-commercial) and the version 2.4 of Cerbero Engine will have access to the package.

There are two reasons why we created a standalone package:

1) We wanted to provide the same functionality to Cerbero Engine.

2) We intend to expand on the functionality of this package in the future, so making it easy to update was essential.

To obtain the package just open Cerbero Store and install it from there.

Only the default passwords key provider is enabled by default. Other key providers must be enabled manually.

This is a very practical package if you want to avoid typing usual passwords like “password” or “infected”. These are considered default passwords and just installing the package will have you covered.

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