Disasm options & filters

The upcoming version 0.9.4 of the Profiler introduces improvements to several disasm engines: ActionScript3, Dalvik, Java, MSIL. In particular it adds options, so that the user can decide whether to include file offsets and opcodes in the output.

Disasm options

The code indentation can be changed as well.

Another important addition is that these engines have been exposed as filters. This is especially noteworthy since byte code can sometimes be injected or stored outside of a method body, so that it is necessary to be able to disassemble raw data.

Disasm filters

Of course these filters can be used from Python too.

from Pro.Core import *

sp = proContext().currentScanProvider()
c = sp.getObjectStream()
c.setRange(0x2570, 0x10)

fstr = ""
c = applyFilters(c, fstr)

s = c.read(0, c.size()).decode("utf-8")


/* 00000000 1A 00 8A+ */ const-string v0,  // string@018a (394)
/* 00000004 12 01     */ const/4 v1, #int 0 // #0
/* 00000006 12 22     */ const/4 v2, #int 2 // #2
/* 00000008 70 52 42+ */ invoke-direct {v3, v4, v0, v1, v2},  // method@0042 (66)
/* 0000000E 0E 00     */ return-void

In the future it will be possible to output a filter directly to NTTextStream, avoiding the need to read from NTContainer.

Stay tuned!

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