News for version 0.9.6

The new 0.9.6 version of the Profiler is out. The main new feature is the support for Mach-O files. Since this feature stands on its own, it did make sense to postpone other features to the next version and in the meanwhile let our users benefit from this addition.

Here’s the changelist:

added support for Mach-O files
added support for fat/universal binaries
added support for Apple code signatures
– exposed DemangleSymbolName to Python

The DemangleSymbolName function demangles both VC++ and GCC symbols. Its use is straightforward:

from Pro.Core import DemangleSymbolName
demangled = DemangleSymbolName("__ZNK8OSObject14getRetainCountEv")
# outputs: OSObject::getRetainCount() const

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