News for version 0.9.9

The new 0.9.9 version of the Profiler is out with the following news:

added support for docked views in the main window
added scanning and rload (report load) hook notifications
partially exposed custom views to Python
exposed addEmbeddedObject method to Python
exposed NTContainer find methods to Python
improved importing of anonymous records (C11)
– added recognition of volatile keyword in types
– moved the message box constants to the Pro.Core module
– added tools view
– added quoted-printable decoding filter
added format quota calculator extension
added experimental EML attachment detection extension

Improved importing of anonymous records

C11 supports anonymous records like the following:

struct test {
    union {
        struct {
            unsigned int a;
            unsigned int b;
        struct {
            unsigned int c;
            unsigned int d;
        struct {
            unsigned int e;
            unsigned int f;

Notice that not only is the union anonymous but even its substructures are. The Header Manager is now capable of correctly importing this code. As usual anonymous types will be renamed (both their type and name).

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