Profiler 0.8.7 Demo

The upcoming version 0.8.8 of the Profiler is feature-packed (so stay tuned). In the meanwhile we found some time to prepare a new evaluation version based on the previous 0.8.7 version.

SHA1: EB208B9CB9FB3B7ADAE5A0FD24C4AA08E591752F

This new demo version is no longer subject to the DOC only limitation, which means it is able to open every CFBF file (including XLS and PPT files).

Please note that this new demo is subject to the following limitations:

  • only CFBF files are supported
  • embedded and referenced files can’t be inspected
  • only single file analysis is available
  • although the action system is working, some actions are not available
  • filters are not available


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