Sleigh Decompiler Parallelization

In the upcoming Cerbero Suite 5.2 we used our new multi-processing technology (part 1, part 2) to parallelize the Sleigh decompiler by running it in a different process. This guarantees complete stability in case Sleigh encounters an issue and makes every decompiling operation safe to cancel.

We didn’t notice slow-downs by running the decompiler in a different process, in fact it’s still blazingly fast.

By parallelizing the decompiler we were also able to initialize it during the loading of the file / database. Thus, when the decompiler is invoked for the first time there is no initial delay.

Although the decompiler doesn’t take much time to load, the preloading makes it extra-snappy.

It is also possible to choose to run the decompiler in the same process as before from the Carbon settings.

Cerbero Suite 3.5 is out!

We’re happy to announce the release of Cerbero Suite 3.5!

This is a single feature release: it includes integration of the Ghidra decompiler (Sleigh) in our Carbon disassembler. No Ghidra or Java installation is necessary!

The decompiler features navigation, comments and renaming of functions, labels and variables.

If you like the idea, we can further expand the functionality and improve the output in next releases!

Happy hacking!