TIFF Support

The upcoming 1.1 version of Profiler includes support for TIFF image files. This addition completes the list of most popular supported image formats (JPEG, PNG/APNG, GIF, BMP/DIB, TIFF). The support was actually already partially there, because the Exif format (which is just an embedded TIFF) inside of JPEG files was already supported since the first public version of Profiler, but somehow the actual TIFF support hadn’t yet been added.

Multi-page TIFF

In a few days the new version will be released.

2 thoughts on “TIFF Support”

  1. very nice, thanks for another great upcoming update.

    BTW. Could you please add option to not warn about unsaved report I mean to skip “The report has not been saved: all changes will be lost. Proceed?” messagebox.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Thanks Max!

      Sure, we have added your request to our TODO list. Since the 1.1 RC is already being tested, we would add this feature in 1.2. We hope this is good enough.

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