API Solver Package

We have just released our API Solver package on Cerbero Store for all commercial licenses of Cerbero Suite Advanced.

You can click on the image for a video introduction.

API Solver comes very handy to analyze shellcode and it can also be used programmatically:

from Pkg.APISolver import APISolver

solver = APISolver("win32", ("kernel32", "urlmon"))
for hash in (0xEC0E4E8E, 0x702F1A36, 0xE8AFE98, 0x73E2D87E):


['KERNEL32.LoadLibraryA' (ror13_add_32)]
['URLMON.URLDownloadToFileA' (ror13_add_32)]
['KERNEL32.WinExec' (ror13_add_32)]
['KERNEL32.ExitProcess' (ror13_add_32)]

Stay tuned as we’ll soon be releasing more packages for all types of licenses on Cerbero Store!

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