Sample Downloader Package

We have just released our Sample Downloader package and it is available for all licenses of Cerbero Suite Advanced.

While this is a simple package, we consider it extremely useful, as it allows to download malware samples by their hash. The package tries to download the requested samples from various supported intelligence services.

Check out the video presentation for a quick introduction!

Installing the Sample Downloader package from Cerbero Store takes only a few clicks. Once installed, you can go to the settings and enter your API keys for the supported intelligence services.

To download one or multiple malware samples, just enter their hash.

Sample Downloader will try to download the malware samples from all supported intelligence services.

Once the samples have been downloaded, you can directly inspect them in Cerbero Suite.

You can download additional samples using one of the actions added by the package.

Additionally, Sample Downloader can be also invoked from the command line.

AbuseCH Intelligence 2.0 Package

The soon to be released 5.7 version of Cerbero Suite Advanced comes with an improved version of the originally named ‘MalwareBazaar Intelligence’ commercial package. We have renamed the package to ‘AbuseCH Intelligence’ and greatly extended its functionality.

Check out the video presentation to quickly learn about its features.

Installing the AbuseCH Intelligence package from Cerbero Store takes only a few clicks.

Once installed, you can search malware samples on MalwareBazaar.

Searches can be performed using all supported parameters and also include recently uploaded samples.

Malware samples can be downloaded and analyzed right away, without ever leaving the Cerbero Suite user interface.

When you open a file in the analysis workspace, the complete MalwareBazaar intelligence can be accessed directly from the report.

Highlighted entries in the report can be activated to continue searching for additional malware samples.

The discovered malware samples can be batch-downloaded and are automatically added to the current project.

You can also perform custom searches on MalwareBazaar using the relevant action.

And, of course, all analyzed files are saved inside the current project.

We’re soon going to showcase the functionality of this package in more detail while performing real-world malware analysis.

UPX Unpacker Package

We created an UPX Unpacker package for the upcoming 5.6 version of Cerbero Suite.

From the UPX web-site: “UPX is a free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several executable formats.”

By installing the UPX Unpacker package, binaries compressed with UPX are automatically identified and unpacked as child objects.

PE, ELF and Mach-O binaries are all supported.

If for some reason a binary is not automatically unpacked, the unpacker can be invoked manually as an action.

Additionally, the unpacker can be invoked from Python.

from Pkg.UPXUnpacker.Unpack import unpack

ret, output = unpack(file_name)
# prints the unpacker output

This package will be available for all licenses of Cerbero Suite.

String Decrypter Package

We have just released our String Decrypter package on Cerbero Store for all licenses of Cerbero Suite. The String Decrypter package is very useful for reversing malware and during CTFs.

This utility can be invoked as an action from a hex view or a Carbon disassembly. It can be used to brute-force the decryption of strings and byte-arrays.

String Decrypter supports various types of string encodings combined with endianness and it can filter decoded strings with the following options:

– Don’t filter (include raw byte-arrays)
– Include only decoded strings
– Include only strings with ASCII characters
– Include only string matching a regular expression provided by the user

The plugin supports parallel execution, which will make the difference if more algorithms are added to the list. Also, for every decryption method the number of combinations is displayed.

For every decrypted entry, String Decrypter shows the performed operation along with the string encoding (if available).

API Solver Package

We have just released our API Solver package on Cerbero Store for all commercial licenses of Cerbero Suite Advanced.

You can click on the image for a video introduction.

API Solver comes very handy to analyze shellcode and it can also be used programmatically:

from Pkg.APISolver import APISolver

solver = APISolver("win32", ("kernel32", "urlmon"))
for hash in (0xEC0E4E8E, 0x702F1A36, 0xE8AFE98, 0x73E2D87E):


['KERNEL32.LoadLibraryA' (ror13_add_32)]
['URLMON.URLDownloadToFileA' (ror13_add_32)]
['KERNEL32.WinExec' (ror13_add_32)]
['KERNEL32.ExitProcess' (ror13_add_32)]

Stay tuned as we’ll soon be releasing more packages for all types of licenses on Cerbero Store!